MySQL DBA II Revision

This article contains some rather random notes/information recorded while revising for the MySQL DBA II exam, these notes do not cover all topics in the exam.

Linux Bandwidth testing

I occasionally use a tool called iperf for bandwith testing, but when I need it, I struggle to remember the name, this post is to remind me. [[email protected]]$ iperf -c x.x.x.x ———————————————————— Client connecting to x.x.x.x, TCP port 5001 TCP…

PHP PECL and /tmp

When you are forced to install a php module via pear/pecl, it will probably winge about autoconf despite it being installed. The error is confusing, the actual problem is that it creates a script in /tmp and attempts to execute…

LPI-1 Revision

LPI-1 Revision

This article is not a complete guide, it contains random notes from my revision for LPIC-1.