Since my first DSLR I’ve usually used the centre focus point, focused on some critical detail (eg an eye) then reframed to produce the desired composition.

The advantage of this technique is that you don’t have to mess around selecting the correct focus point/zone.

However I recently read an article by Damien Lovegrove on XT-1 settings that mentioned that he doesn’t use focus-recompose as Fuji x lenses are flat-fielded. I had heard of field curvature but not read up about it so read this article.

I then read another explanation of the problems with focus-recompose at digital photography school. This explained why focus recompose fails for flat fielded lenses via Pythagoras and gives an example.

The result of this is that I will have to start moving my focus point around. Thankfully xt-1 firmware v3 allowed direct access to focus frame movement via the rear arrow keys, so it can be done quickly. Also v4 promises eye detection, I haven’t used face detection much, but may start if eye detection works well.

Here’s to better focus in future!