Fujifilm XT-1 & Sensitivity Priority

IMG_0262.JPGIf you’ve read about or played with an XT-1 you’ll notice that it doesn’t have a mode dial, modes are selected based on which values are fixed by the user.

Fixed Aperture + Auto Shutter = Aperture Priority (A)
Auto Aperture + Fixed Shutter = Shutter Priority (S)
Auto Aperture + Auto Shutter = Program (P)
Fixed Aperture + Fixed Shutter = Manual (M)

The problem is that this only represents two of the three exposure variables; sensitivity (ISO henceforth) is missing.

The setting of the ISO dial does not contribute to mode selection, so Fixed Aperture + Fixed Shutter + Auto ISO = M mode! It isn’t actually manual, because exposure metering is being used to determine the ISO that is selected. As well as not being truly manual, this mode also doesn’t support exposure compensation, so whatever setting is left on the exposure compensation dial is ignored. Physical dials whos settings are ignored do not make for a great user experience as it breaks the assumption that the settings are whatever all the dials point to.

So Fuji, why not introduce Sensitivity/ISO Priority (I) mode, and enable exposure compensation in that mode? After such a modification, manual mode would be engaged by fixing aperture, shutter and ISO. Fixed Aperture + Fixed Shutter + Auto ISO = I mode

I wouldn’t be surprised if such an update actually happened, as there were lots of new features in the previous firmware update – electronic shutter being one of the most useful ones (f1.2 in sunlight!), thanks for that Fuji, how about I mode in v4?

Update: Fuji have listened and v4 does allow exposure compensation in manual mode, which hopefully will act as sensitivity priority. V4 also includes various auto focus improvements – yay!

Image Credit: fujilfilm.com