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1 February 08, 2015 0.4 sec at f - 8.0 X-T1 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS35

Quick Information

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Media Location"Sunday Services Projection" link in Finder sidebar or: smb://temple/projects/Projection/Files/Weekly Events/Sunday Services Projection
Sound Desk Scene/ShowHTB CG SUNDAY


  • Sign up sheet – Click this link to sign up for songwords/vision,  sound or sound trainee on Sundays. Scheduling is done through planning centre. If you don’t have an account, please ask me or someone on production staff and we’ll arrange one for you. If you have an account but can’t sign up, then ask me to add you to the relevant team.
  • Sunday checklist – A useful list to ensure we don’t forget anything on Sunday mornings.
  • Production Facebook Group – join here to be notified of whats going on in the wider production community; volunteering opportunities, team nights and parties!
  • Sound channel mapping reference – useful reminder for setting up the stage
  • Fob Tracker – If you’ve signed the lone worker policy and need to borrow a fob, use this trello board to find who’s currently holding them. If you need to sign the policy, ask me or a member of production staff.
  • Sound Desk Backup – Use this link to download a backup of the HTB Sunday scene for the X32. Copy to a usb drive then insert into the usb socket to the left of the screen to restore.  (last backup: 20/07/15)
  • Sound Desk Manual – If you really want to get into it.

Want to Get Involved?

Sailing gear on the forestGreat, thanks so much for your interest! I am Hugh Saunders, and I schedule volunteers for production at Courtfield Gardens. Please drop me an email, or catch up with me on Sunday and we can get started (see mugshot to the right so you can identify me).

This page has lots of information that is potentially useful to volunteers, but you don’t need to take it all in now, we will provide as much training as you need.

Thanks again for your interest.

Sunday Morning Overview

HTB Courtfield Gardens is a congregation with a community feel, we strive to get to know each other as well as meeting with God. Currently young families, professionals and older people are well represented.

The production style is a little different from the other HTB sites; we don’t use cameras on a Sunday, the band is a bit more acoustic, and we keep the volume lower. Production is run by two people each week; one person covering sound, the other covering visuals.


08:00 Sound engineer arrives and begins stage setup

09:00 Band arrives

09:15 Sound check

09:30 Band rehearsal + song words operator arrives.

10:00 Band finish, background music

10:27 Service starts with opener

~11:45 Service finishes and stage is packed down.

Role Descriptions

Sound Engineer

1 February 08, 2015 1-160 sec at f - 2.8 X-T1 XF56mmF1.2 R52

The sound engineer arrives first as close to 08:00 as possible in order to setup the stage by the time the band arrives.

The Band usually consists of:

  • Worship leader (vocals + guitar)
  • One or two vocalists
  • Strings (violin or cello)
  • Percussionist (currently playing the cajon, though there are rumours that we will be getting a full kit).
  • Keys (nord stage 2)
  • Bass

Check planning centre for the exact band for each week, its listed in the left hand column of each plan.

We currently use wired IEMs for all musician’s foldbacks. We have 6x Behringer P16 personal mixers, which are similar to avioms and allow the musician to select their own foldback mix. We also have a fischer pack (headphone amp) that we can drive from a bus on the desk to supply a 7th musician with IEMs.

Cables, DIs and IEMs are stored in the back stage wheeled flight case (Jacks+XLRs on the left, headphone cables + DIs + tape in the centre and P16s+Cat5 cable on the right).

HTBCG Stage Flightcase

Mics are stored in the draws under the sound desk. See the channel mapping reference for my suggestion of which mics to use for each instrument and how to patch them.

If you are not familiar with the Behringer X32 system, there are some good tutorial videos on their site, however the desk is very approachable and should quickly become familiar if you are used to other digital or analog desks.

Stage setup is complete when all the mics are setup on stands, IEMs are connected and ready, and each channel has been tested (eg check the Mics, tap the jack leads going into the DIs). Its is important to also test speech mics (radio handhelds and the wired 747 if its going to be used).

After stage setup, we know that each channel is connected and correctly patched in hardware and software, the band arrive and we can start setting up the desk for each musician.

I have three priorities during sound check:

  1. Levels – Set the gain such that each channel has a strong signal but it won’t clip during the service. Musicians will inevitably be louder during the service than in practice
  2. Room – EQ the channels to take out any frequencies that are feeding back, reverberating or booming
  3. Voice – Which parts of the instrument can be heard? Which bits are missing? How can we adjust the EQ to ensure that the instrument is present but fits in with the rest of the band?

After sound check the band rehearse, this is a good time to get a base mix going that can be tweaked for each song during the service. Once rehearsal is over, ask the song word operator to start spotify, and play it into the church and the foyer.

Now change the batteries in any radio mics used.

Now find the person leading the service (also listed in planning centre) and give them the hand held mic for leading/announcing. Check whos speaking and what they would like to speak from (handheld, headset or 747) then arrange the speaker’s mic.

During the service, visibility from FOH is poor, especially when the congregation is standing so its important to be watching/listening to ensure the handheld mics are up whens someone is speaking. Sometimes it pays to put the handhelds up during quiet sections of worship just incase someone speaks.

Once the service finishes, spotify goes back on and the stage is packed back down.

Song Words Operator / Visuals

Vision Mixer

The song words operator is responsible for all the visuals used during the service. For Sunday mornings visuals are simple as there is only one source (a mac), and two outputs – the projector, and a foldback monitor for the musicians on one of the pillars.

There is an ATEM vision mixer in the booth, but we don’t need to use it as we only have one source – the pro presenter mac. If there is a problem with getting images from the song words mac to the projector or stage display, press the buttons on the ATEM switcher in the numbered order:

This will connect the song words mac directly to the projector and the stage monitor, bypassing the vision mixer (which isn’t required for Sunday Services).

Pro Presenter Tutorials

Adding a new Song

Usually all the lyrics that are needed are already available within pro presenter, but sometimes a new song will be required. This tutorial covers how to import song lyrics from powerpoint, a text file or copy/paste (eg from an email). If you are new to propresenter or want to learn time saving tips and tricks, then there are many tutorials available from renewed vision. You can also download the free version of ProPresenter 5 for experimenting at home. This version outputs a watermark over everything you show, but thats fine for testing and learning.

Creating an Intro Slide Loop

As of recently (Autumn 2015) we are supplied with slides to loop before and after the service. This is instead of trying to cram all the notices into HTB news.

The following video shows how to create a slide loop from a folder of images:

The Songwords operator arrives at ~09:30 and has the following to do:

  • Turn on projector (Barco remote in draw)
  • Turn on foldback monitor (LG remote is in a draw under the sound desk)fold back monitor remote
  • Ensure that projector + foldback monitor are both working and outputting whatever is being sent by propresenter.
  • Download the media for this week from temple (the htb file server). This is done by finding the folder for the week in the sunday services projection folder (theres a shortcut for this on the left in finder) and dragging it to the desktop.
  • Create a playlist for the service in propresenter
  • Add the relevant media to the propresenter playlist:
    • Pre/Post Slide loop (see youtube tutorial above)
    • Opener VT
    • News VT
    • Any service specific media (eg vision videos or focus promos)
  • Add the songs for the service to the playlist, check planning centre for this week’s songs.
  • Ensure that all the songs are centred horizontally and vertically, and are white on black background. The font settings should be futura 63 medium, outline: 4.
  • Once everything is ready, practice the song words with the band as they practice.
  • When band practice finishes, check with the worship leader that the songs you have in the playlist are correct and in the right order, ask them if they plan to skip verses or start part way through a song.


production team at work

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