Reviewing OpenStack Submissions


Contributing patches to openstack is great, the process is well documented and once you have a few accounts setup its easy to do.

However once you have submitted some code, you realise that there are many patches to review. Starting to review patches takes some of the load away from the core developers – If I can see a simple problem, the author can fix it before a core reviewer spends time on it. Reviewing patches is also good for learning – I get to read the incoming code which I critique and learn from. It also helps you to know where the project is at, and which features are about to land.

Configuration for efficient reviewing

  1. Watch some projects in gerrit:
    1. Login to gerrit
    2. Go to settings (top right) > watched projects
    3. Add some projects. You can either guess the project names (usually starting openstack/ or openstack-, the dialog will autocomplete) or run ssh -p29418 <YOUR-USERNAME> 'gerrit ls-projects' to get a full list of projects.
  2. Install Dolph’s next-review application: pip install next-review
  3. Setup an alias to feed the appropriate options to next-review, for example in my .bashrc: alias next-review='next-review --user=hughsaunders' as my local username is different from my gerrit username, and next-review doesn’t use ~/.ssh/config.

Done. Now run next-review whenever you have time and you will be shown an appropriate patch from the projects you are watching. Next-review makes sensible choices about patches – ignoring those that already have -1 or are work in progress.