Textual IRC for OSX 10.9 Mavericks

Textual IRC for OSX 10.9 Mavericks

Update: Building Textual 5 with self signed cert is simple and better than disabling code signing as I suggested previously. Instructions here.

On 10.8 / Mountain Lion, I was using a free build of textual. This build no longer works for me on 10.9, so I built my own.

The process is simple, ensure Xcode is installed (from mac app store) then:

git clone https://github.com/Codeux/Textual
cd Textual

The app is then ready in Textual/Build Results/Release.

If you don’t want to build it yourself, you can support the developer and buy it form the app store or download my binary.

Alternatively you could try LimeChat with now has Mavericks support.