Why you shouldn’t jump in front of a train

There have been two deaths at Hayes and Harlington train station in two weeks. This prompted me to write this handy list of reasons not to jump in front of a train.
  1. It will probably make me late for work/dinner
  2. It can have a long term negative affect on train drivers.
  3. The effects of your death on the people close to you will be worse and last longer than whatever problem you are facing. Do not cop out and claim there are no people close to you, there are some people who care about you, even if you don’t care for anyone else.
  4. You might fail, that would be *very* difficult to explain, and probably very painful. Wikipedia quotes a 90% success rate for suicide if the train actually hits you. So you may have to live having been hit by a train, deliberately. There have been cases of people jumping of a bridge onto the wrong track, breaking both legs and watching the train go past.
  5. Whatever your problem is, it really isn’t that bad. If you had problem serious enough to be considering this, then you wouldn’t need to commit suicide as the problem would kill you – eg lack of food, trapped in a burning building etc etc

Full disclosure: I am a Christian, and I have hope for the future whatever happens in this life. This also means that I have a purpose and have been given a certain number of days. When the time comes for my life to end, it wont be by my conscious choice. However it may be related to one of my actions, eg accidental driving fail, or crossing the road while listening to an awesome tune from hospital records.

Life is awesome, don’t waste it, find God, and try sailing.